Malavika Avinash Trivia Quiz: An Indian Actress

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Malavika Avinash Trivia Quiz: An Indian Actress

Malavika Avinash Quiz: How well do you know Malavika Avinash?

Malavika Avinash was born in 1976 in Tamil Nadu. She is a politician, actress, and television personality from India who serves as the Bharatiya Janata Party of Karnataka's state spokesman at the moment. She is well-known for her roles in Tamil and Kannada movies. She was the host of the Zee Kannada television programme Baduku Jataka Bandi. She is a member of the ensemble cast in K.G.F: Chapter 2, the highest-grossing Kannada film. Let’s play the quiz based on Malavika Avinash.

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From which university Malavika completed her Bachelor of Law?
In which year Malavika did her first film?
What was the name of Malavika’s first film?
With which television show Malavika made her acting debut in the Tamil Cinema?
What was the name of the Malavika’s highly acclaimed Tamil movie?
Malavika carved a name for herself in the Kannada television viewers with which show?
When was Malavika Avinash born?
Which was the Malavika’s highest grossing Kannada film?
Where was Malavika Avinash born?
Malavika was housemate in which Kannada Big Boss Season?

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