Mariah Carey Quiz: Famous American Singer

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  • Last Updated: 22 Mar, 2022
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Mariah Carey Quiz: Famous American Singer

Mariah Carey was born in1969 in the United States. She is one of the popular American singers, actress, songwriter, and record producer. With her first five singles, "Vision of Love" through "Emotions," she was the first artist in history to achieve number one on Billboard Hot 100. Here are 10 amazing quiz questions based on Mariah Carey's life.

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In which year Butterfly released?
To whom did Mariah Carey marry in 2008?
When was Mariah Carey born?
Which song is Mariah Carey's debut single?
Which of the following songs was NOT sung by Mariah Carey?
How is Moroccan Scott Cannon connected to Mariah Carey?
Who is Mariah Carey?
Which one do you like?
In which year was Merry Christmas released?
What are Mariah Carey's singing genres?