Marie Curie Trivia Quiz: French chemist and physicist

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Marie Curie Trivia Quiz: French chemist and physicist

Marie Curie was born in Warsaw, Poland. She was an intelligent child who grew up and became one of the known scientists worldwide. Marie Curie is a Polish-French chemist and physicist who conducted research on radioactivity. Marie Curie is the first and the only woman who received two Nobel Prizes. In years 1906, she becomes the first woman professor at the University of Paris. Let's check out how much you know about great women scientist Marie Curie.

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When was Marie Curie born?

  • on 7 November 1867

  • on 8 November 1867

  • on 7 November 1868

  • on 8 November 1868

Marie Curie is the French scientist who conducted research on ________

  • Radioactivity

  • Cathode rays Tube

  • Electrons

  • Platinum

In which year Marie Curie received Nobel Prize in Chemistry?

  • 1910

  • 1903

  • 1913

  • 1911

Who was Marie Curie's husband?

  • Matthew, a scientist

  • Matthew, a businessman

  • Pierre, a scientist

  • Pierre, a businessman

In which year, Marie Curie founded “Curie Institute in Paris”?

  • 1919

  • 1920

  • 1921

  • 1922

Marie Curie and Pierre Curie discovered which of the following:

  • Lead and copper

  • Diamonds and gold

  • Polonium and radium

  • None of the above

In which year Marie Curie received Nobel Prize in Physics?

  • 1902

  • 1903

  • 1904

  • 1905

Which of the following university Marie Curie attend?

  • University of Paris

  • Sorbonne in France

  • University of Warsaw

  • University of Strasbourg

Which of the following element is discovered by Marie Curie?

  • A. Polonium

  • B. Radium

  • Both A and B

  • Neither A nor B

When and where did Marie Curie die?

  • On 4 July 1934, in Savoy, France

  • On 5 July 1934, in Savoy, France

  • On 4 July 1933, in Warsaw, Poland

  • On 5 July 1933, in Warsaw, Poland


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