Marie de Medici Trivia Quiz: Queen of France and Navarre

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Marie de' Medici was a member of the powerful House of Medici in the branch of the Grand Dukes of Tuscany, who became the Queen of France and Navarre as the second wife of King Henry IV. She served as the regent of France between 1610 and 1617 during the minority of her son Louis XIII. Noted for her ceaseless political intrigues at the French court and her extensive artistic patronage, she was eventually banished from the country by her son and died in the city of Cologne, in the Holy Roman Empire. Here are ten quiz questions to test your knowledge about Marie de' Medici:

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Who was Marie's eldest surviving sister?

  • Eleonora

  • Anna

  • Lucrezia

  • Catherine

Who was Marie's father?

  • Grand Duke Francesco I de' Medici

  • Archduke Ferdinand of Austria

  • Grand Duke Ferdinand I of Tuscany

  • Grand Duke Cosimo I de' Medici

What happened to Marie's parents in 1587?

  • They died of malarial fever

  • They were poisoned

  • They died in a hunting accident

  • They died of natural causes

When was Marie removed from her regency as the head of the Conseil du Roi by a coup?

  • 1610

  • 1614

  • 1617

  • 1620

When was Marie de' Medici born?

  • 26 April 1575

  • 10 April 1578

  • 28 February 1567

  • 31 December 1569

Who were Marie's most famous favorites at the French court?

  • François, Count of Vaudémont and his wife

  • Concino Concini and his wife, Leonora Dori Galigaï

  • Cardinal Richelieu and his sister

  • Louis XIII and his wife Anne of Austria

Who was Marie's first cousin and playmate?

  • Eleonora Gonzaga

  • Bianca Cappello

  • Virginio Orsini

  • Christina of Lorraine

Who became the new Grand Duke of Tuscany after Marie's parents died?

  • Ferdinand I de' Medici

  • Cosimo II de' Medici

  • Francesco I de' Medici

  • Ferdinando II de' Medici

Who was Marie's stepmother?

  • Bianca Cappello

  • Christina of Lorraine

  • Joanna of Austria

  • Isabella de' Medici

Which branch of the Medici family did Marie belong to?

  • The main branch

  • The cadet branch

  • The Florentine branch

  • The Roman branch


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