Marie Tharp Trivia Quiz: An American Geologist

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Marie Tharp Quiz: How well do you know Marie Tharp?

Marie Tharp was an American geologist and oceanographer who, alongside Bruce Heezen, created the first comprehensive map of the ocean floor. Tharp's mapping revealed the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, a major geological discovery that helped to support the theory of plate tectonics. She also faced discrimination as a woman in her field.

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What did Tharp's work with Bruce Heezen lead to?
What did Tharp's cartography reveal about the ocean bottom?
What degree did Tharp initially pursue in college?
What did Tharp plot on physiographic diagrams of the ocean floor?
With whom did Marie Tharp collaborate to produce the first scientific map of the Atlantic Ocean floor?
What did Tharp's discovery of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge lead to?
What was Tharp's father's profession?
What was Tharp's role at the Lamont Geological Observatory?
How long did Marie Tharp work with Bruce Heezen?
What was Marie Tharp's occupation?

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