Martin Dempsey Trivia Quiz: Retired US Army General

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Martin Dempsey is a retired United States Army general and former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Dempsey graduated from the United States Military Academy and went on to serve in various leadership positions in the army. He played key roles in both the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, and was appointed Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff by President Obama.

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Where did Dempsey attend the Army Command and General Staff College and the National War College?

  • The United States Military Academy

  • The Joint Staff

  • The 1st Armored Division

  • The 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment

When was Dempsey confirmed by the United States Senate as Commander, U.S. Army, Europe/Seventh Army?

  • August 2001

  • March 13, 2008

  • July 11, 2008

  • October 1, 2011

Which U.S. operation in Iraq was happening during Dempsey's command of the 1st Armored Division?

  • Operation Desert Shield/Storm

  • Operation Iraqi Freedom

  • Operation Enduring Freedom

  • Operation New Dawn

What did Dempsey do as a company-grade officer in the United States Army?

  • He served in the 1st Squadron, 2d Armored Cavalry Regiment as the officer in charge for personnel.

  • He was the executive officer of the 3rd Brigade 3rd Armored Division during Operation Desert Shield/Storm.

  • He commanded the 4th Battalion of the 67th Armored Regiment "Bandits" from 1992 to 1995.

  • He took command of the 3d Armored Cavalry Regiment.

What was Martin Dempsey's position in the US Army immediately prior to becoming the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff?

  • Commanding General, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command

  • Acting Commander, U.S. Central Command

  • Commanding General, Multi-National Security Transition Command - Iraq

  • Chief of Staff of the Army

What position did Dempsey hold immediately after being commander of Multi-National Security Transition Command-Iraq?

  • Deputy Commander, U.S. Central Command

  • Commander, U.S. Army, Europe/Seventh Army

  • Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

  • Chief of Staff of the Army

What was Dempsey's command during his time in Iraq from June 2003 to July 2004?

  • 1st Armored Division

  • 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment

  • 82nd Airborne Division

  • Task Force Iron

What position was Dempsey nominated for on February 5, 2008?

  • Commander, U.S. Army, Europe/Seventh Army

  • Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

  • Chief of Staff of the Army

  • Deputy Commander, U.S. Central Command

Why did Dempsey not take command of U.S. Army, Europe/Seventh Army?

  • He was transferred to the Joint Staff.

  • He was promoted to four-star general.

  • Admiral William J. Fallon retired from active service.

  • He was nominated to become Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Who was Martin Dempsey?

  • A retired United States Army general

  • A famous scientist

  • A renowned artist

  • A famous athlete


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