Mary Barra Quiz: Chief Executive Officer of General Motors

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Mary Barra Quiz: Chief Executive Officer of General Motors

Mary Teresa Barra was born in Michigan, the U.S., in 1961. She is an American entrepreneur who has led General Motors as chair and chief executive officer (CEO) since January 15, 2014. Barra is the first female CEO of one of the "Big Three" automobile manufacturers. In December 2013, GM appointed her to succeed Daniel Akerson as CEO. Before becoming CEO, Barra was executive vice president of the global product acquisition, development, and supply chain. Here's a quiz based on Mary Barra.

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In which year was Barra elected to the board of Disney?
In which year did Barra receive her Masters in Business Administration degree?
When was Mary Barra born?
Where was Mary Barra born?
When did Barra hold the CEO position in General Motors?
In May 2014, in which university was Barra delivered the commencement address?
To whom did Barra get married?
When was Barra Included in the Time 100?
In February 2018, Barra was elected to which academy?
In which year did Barra become the first female head of an automobile manufacturer?