Mary Cassatt Quiz: An American Painter

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Mary Cassatt Quiz: An American Painter

Mary Stevenson Cassatt was born in the U.S. in 1844. She was a printer and painter from the United States. Cassette was spent much of her adult life in France, where she met Edgar Degas and exhibited alongside the Impressionists. Cassatt frequently depicted women's social and private lives, focusing on the close relationships between mothers and their children. Here's a quiz based on Mary Cassatt. Let's play the quiz.

Let's Start this Quiz
Where was Mary Cassatt born?
When was Cassatt's painting "A Mandoline Player" was accepted for the first time by the selection jury for the Paris Salon?
Mary Cassatt's 1878 painting titled "In the Loge." What is the intended location of the subject in this painting?
When did Cassatt exhibit a series of highly original colored drypoint and aquatint prints?
What is the title of Cassatt's 1880s painting depicting a typical upper-middle-class woman?
When was Mary Cassatt born?
When did Mary Cassatt die?
Which of the following artistic styles was Mary Cassatt first associated with?
After picking a mature painting style, Cassatt studied with which Impressionist painter?
To which official art exhibition did Cassatt contribute her first painting in 1872?