Mary Hunter Austin Trivia Quiz: An American nature writer

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Mary Hunter Austin Quiz: How well do you know Mary Hunter Austin?

Mary Hunter Austin (1868-1934) was an American nature writer and early feminist who wrote The Land of Little Rain (1903), a classic about the American Southwest. Austin lived in California and made a special study of the indigenous peoples of the Mojave Desert. She was also a novelist, poet, critic, and playwright.

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Where did Mary Hunter Austin move to around 1907?
In what year did Mary Hunter Austin graduate from Blackburn College?
In what year was The Arrow Maker produced at the New Theatre in New York?
What is Mary Hunter Austin's most famous work?
Who was part of the cultural circle that Mary Hunter Austin was involved with in Carmel-by-the-Sea?
What was Mary Hunter Austin's main area of study for 17 years?
Where was Mary Hunter Austin born?
What was Mary Hunter Austin's involvement in the California Water Wars?
Who was Mary Hunter Austin's acquaintance that she praised in a tribute in the American Magazine?
Who did Mary Hunter Austin marry in 1891?

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