Medha Patkar Quiz: Indian Social Activist

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Medha Patkar Quiz: Indian Social Activist

Medha Patkar was born in 1954. She is a social activist, working on many crucial political and economic issues affecting India's tribals, Dalits, farmers, women, and laborers. She graduated from TISS, a premier institute in India for social science research. In addition to the above, Medha Patkar was a commissioner on the World Commission on Dams. She is part of a 32-year-old people's movement called the Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA) that has a presence in three states: Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Gujarat. For many years, she served as the national coordinator and then conveyor of the National Alliance of People's Movements and serves as an advisor to NAPM.

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When did Medha Patkar receive Goldman Environmental Prize?
For how many years did Medha Patkar work with North-East districts of Gujarat?
When did Medha Patkar receive the Right Livelihood Award?
When did Medha Patkar resign from Aam Aadmi Party's primary membership?
When was Medha Patkar born?
Medha Patkar is famous for her contribution to_______
When did Medha Patkar join the Aam Aadmi Party, a political party led by Arvind Kejriwal?
Medha Patkar is the founder member of the 32 years older people's movement called______
When did Medha Patkar contest the Lok Sabha election for the North East Mumbai constituency as an Aam Aadmi Party candidate?
For how many years did Medha Patkar work with voluntary organizations in Mumbai's slums?