Michael Costello Trivia Quiz: A well-known American fashion designer

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Michael Costello Quiz: How well do you know Michael Costello?

Michael Costello (born January 20, 1983) is a well-known American fashion designer and reality television personality. He gained fame after appearing on the eighth season of Project Runway and the first season of Project Runway All Stars. Costello has dressed numerous celebrities, including Céline Dion, Jennifer Lopez, and Cardi B, and has collaborated with major cosmetics brands. He has also opened his own stores and showrooms, showcasing his unique designs.

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Which celebrity did Michael Costello NOT make custom pieces for?
Where did Michael Costello open his first store?
Where was Michael Costello born?
What did Michael Costello design for Kylie Jenner?
Which cosmetics brand did Michael Costello collaborate with?
Which season of Project Runway did Michael Costello appear on?
At what age did Michael Costello start designing clothes?
What is Michael Costello's ethnic background?
Which singer did Michael Costello NOT design custom pieces for?
What did Michael Costello design for Cardi B for Paris Fashion Week?

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