Michelle Cliff Trivia Quiz: A Jamaican-American Author of “No Telephone to Heaven”

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Michelle Cliff Trivia Quiz:  A Jamaican-American Author of “No Telephone to Heaven”

Michelle Cliff is a Caribbean-American author and academic, best known for her novels and short stories that explore themes of race, gender, sexuality, and colonialism. Born in 1946 in Jamaica, Cliff has written several critically acclaimed works, including "No Telephone to Heaven" and "Abeng". Her writing often draws on her own experiences growing up in Jamaica and the Caribbean, and is considered an important contribution to the literary canon of Caribbean and African American literature. Michelle Cliff continues to be a highly regarded figure in the literary world, known for her insightful, evocative writing and her commitment to exploring and challenging the issues of her time. Here are 10 quiz questions based on Michelle Cliff. Let’s play the quiz!

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What is Michelle Cliff's ethnicity?

  • African American

  • Native American

  • Hispanic American

  • Caribbean American

What is the historical period in which No Telephone to Heaven is set?

  • 19th century

  • 18th century

  • 20th century

  • 17th century

What is the main protagonist of No Telephone to Heaven?

  • Clare Savage

  • Grace

  • Anna

  • Rose

What genre does No Telephone to Heaven belong to?

  • Romance

  • Historical fiction

  • Mystery

  • Fantasy

What is Michelle Cliff best known for?

  • Poetry

  • Novel writing

  • Screenwriting

  • Painting

What is the setting of No Telephone to Heaven?

  • Jamaica

  • Trinidad

  • Haiti

  • Cuba

What is the main theme of No Telephone to Heaven?

  • Racism and discrimination

  • Love and relationships

  • War and conflict

  • Self-discovery

What is the main conflict of No Telephone to Heaven?

  • A woman struggling to find her place in a rapidly changing world

  • A woman searching for her missing husband

  • A woman trying to find a cure for a mysterious illness

  • A woman trying to escape from a dangerous cult

What is the name of Michelle Cliff's collection of short stories?

  • The Jamaica Tales

  • The African American Tales

  • The Southern Tales

  • The Folk Tales

What is the name of Michelle Cliff's best-known novel?

  • No Telephone to Heaven

  • Abeng

  • Free Enterprise

  • Claiming an Identity They Taught Me to Despise


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