Mike Portnoy Trivia Quiz: An American Musician

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Mike Portnoy Quiz: How well do you know Mike Portnoy?

Michael Stephen Portnoy is an American musician who co-founded the progressive metal band Dream Theater and served as the drummer and backing vocalist for 25 years. Portnoy has won 30 awards from Modern Drummer magazine and is the second-youngest person to be inducted into the Modern Drummer Hall of Fame. Since his departure from Dream Theater in 2010, he has remained active with a variety of bands and projects, including Transatlantic, Flying Colors, Liquid Tension Experiment, and Sons of Apollo.

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Which of the following awards has Michael Portnoy won?
What is the name of the Dream Theater album that Michael Portnoy co-produced with John Petrucci?
Which of the following bands did Michael Portnoy NOT create a tribute band for?
Which band did Michael Portnoy form after his departure from Dream Theater?
Who did Michael Portnoy replace as the drummer for Avenged Sevenfold?
Which of the following bands is a "super-group" featuring Neal Morse, RoineStolt, Pete Trewavas, and Mike Portnoy?
What is Michael Portnoy's primary instrument?
In which band did Michael Portnoy serve as the drummer for 25 years?
What is Michael Portnoy's nationality?
Which band did Michael Portnoy form after leaving Adrenaline Mob?

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