Millard Fillmore Trivia Quiz:13th President of the US

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Millard Fillmore Trivia Quiz:13th President of the US

Millard Fillmore was the 13th President of the United States, serving from 1850 to 1853. He was a member of the Whig party and became president following the death of President Zachary Taylor. His presidency was marked by the Compromise of 1850, which sought to resolve the issue of slavery in newly-acquired territories. Fillmore was not re-nominated by the Whigs in 1852 and was succeeded by Franklin Pierce.

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What major event occurred during Millard Fillmore's presidency?

  • The Civil War

  • The Mexican-American War

  • The War of 1812

  • The Spanish-American War

In what year was Millard Fillmore born?

  • 1800

  • 1797

  • 1801

  • 1810

In what year was Millard Fillmore inaugurated as President of the United States?

  • 1848

  • 1850

  • 1852

  • 1854

What is Millard Fillmore known for inventing?

  • The steam engine

  • The telegraph

  • The ice cream cone

  • The airplane

What was Millard Fillmore's nickname?

  • "Old Hickory"

  • "The Great Emancipator"

  • "The Accidental President"

  • "The Father of His Country"

Which political party did Millard Fillmore belong to?

  • Republican

  • Democrat

  • Whig

  • Independent

What was Millard Fillmore's stance on slavery?

  • He supported it

  • He opposed it

  • He was neutral

  • He did not publicly express an opinion

Which controversial law did Millard Fillmore sign into law in 1850?

  • The Kansas-Nebraska Act

  • The Fugitive Slave Act

  • The Homestead Act

  • The Emancipation Proclamation

What was Millard Fillmore's occupation before becoming President?

  • Businessman

  • Lawyer

  • Military General

  • Journalist

Which country did Millard Fillmore send a diplomatic mission to in 1853?

  • China

  • Japan

  • Russia

  • Mexico


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