Which Missing Character Are You? - The Other Side Quiz

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Which Missing Character Are You? - The Other Side Quiz

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Embark on a mysterious journey with our “Missing: The Other Side” character quiz!Show More

Will you find that you’re the tenacious and enigmatic Kim Wook, or the courageous and empathetic Lee Jong-Ah. Maybe you’ll be more like the wise and compassionate Jang Pan-seok. Answer our intriguing questions to unravel the secrets of the unknown. You’ll find out which TV series character aligns with your true nature. Get ready to explore the other side!

How do you approach seeking justice for the victims in your investigations?

How do you handle conflicts or disagreements within your investigative team?

How do you typically approach solving mysteries or investigating cases?

How do you handle challenges or obstacles in your investigative work?

How do you balance personal emotions and professional obligations in your investigative work?

How do you handle the unknown or supernatural elements in your investigations?

What is your preferred approach to building relationships with others?

How do you approach cases involving supernatural or paranormal elements?

How do you handle setbacks or failures in your investigative work?

How do you approach gathering evidence or conducting research for your investigations?

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