Mohammed Rafi Trivia Quiz: Legendary Indian Film Playback Singer

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Mohammed Rafi Trivia Quiz: Legendary Indian Film Playback Singer

Mohammed Rafi was born in the year 1924 in the Amritsar district of Punjab. He is a legendary Indian film playback singer. Mohammed Rafi is considered the most influential Indian singer. When it comes to diverse styles of music, he is considered a genius. He has recorded more than a thousand Hindi films songs. He sang songs in many different Indian languages, like Urdu, Punjabi, foreign languages, and many more. Let's see how much you know about Mohammed Rafi.

How many Filmfare Awards did Mohammed Rafi receive?

  • One

  • Two

  • Three

  • Four

For which song, Mohammed Rafi win the Film World magazine Best Singer Award in 1974?

  • duniya ke rakhwale

  • Man tarpat hari darshan ko aaj

  • Teree Galiyon Mein Na Rakhenge Qadam Aaj Ke Baad

  • None of these

How many National Film Awards were given to Mohammed Rafi?

  • One

  • Two

  • Three

  • Four

What is the cause of Mohammed Rafi's death?

  • Fever

  • Infection

  • Heart Attack

  • None of these

What is Mohammed Rafi's nickname?

  • Rafi

  • Jai

  • Pheeko

  • None of these

Which of the following rewards were given to Mohammed Rafi?

  • Filmfare Award for Best Male Playback Singer

  • National Film Award for Best Male Playback Singer

  • BFJA Best Male Playback Award

  • All of these

What is Rafi's first song for Naushad Ali?

  • duniya ke rakhwale

  • Man tarpat hari darshan ko aaj

  • Hindustan Ke Hum Hain

  • None of these

When was Mohammed Rafi born?

  • 22 December 1924

  • 23 December 1924

  • 24 December 1924

  • 25 December 1924

When did Mohammed Rafi die?

  • 30 July 1980

  • 31 July 1980

  • 01 July 1980

  • 02 July 1980

In which year, Mohammed Rafi receive Padma Shri?

  • 1967

  • 1968

  • 1966

  • 1965


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