Molly Yeh Trivia Quiz: American Cookbook Author and Blogger

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Molly Yeh Trivia Quiz: American Cookbook Author and Blogger

Molly Yeh is an American cookbook author, blogger, and Food Network personality. She is known for her unique culinary style, which blends her Jewish and Chinese heritage with her life on a North Dakota farm. She has authored two cookbooks, hosts the Food Network show "Girl Meets Farm," and writes the popular food blog "My Name is Yeh."Here are 10 quiz questions based on Molly Yeh. Let’s play the quiz!

Read Biography of Molly Yeh

For what Molly Yeh is Famous for?

  • Best Author

  • Best Fashion designer

  • American Chef And Food Blogger

  • Best Comedian

What is the name of Molly Yeh's husband?

  • Ben

  • Nick

  •  Alex

  • Luke

In which state did Molly Yeh grow up?

  • California

  • New York

  • Minnesota

  • Texas

What is the name of the dessert that Molly Yeh is famous for making?

  • Funfetti Cake

  • Chocolate Chip Cookies

  • Apple Pie

  • Lemon Bars

What is the name of the cooking blog that Molly Yeh started in 2009?

  • My Name is Yeh

  • The Yeh Life

  • Molly's Kitchen Adventures

  • Yeh-tastic Eats

What is the name of Molly Yeh's cooking show on Food Network?

  • Girl Meets Farm

  • Sweet and Savory

  • Cooking with Molly

  • Yeh's Kitchen

Which of these musical instruments does Molly Yeh play?

  • Piano

  • Guitar

  • Violin

  • Trumpet

What is the name of 1st child of Molly Yeh?

  • Jenna Yeh

  • Mia Reilly-Yeh

  • Bernadette Rosemary Yeh Hagen

  • Ira Dorothy Yeh Hagen

What is the height of Molly Yeh?

  • 5 Feet , 7 Inches

  • 6 Feet , 0 Inches

  • 5 Feet , 3 Inches

  • 4 Feet , 8 Inches

What is the higher education of Molly Yeh?

  • Bachelor of Music degree

  • Bachelor in Hotel management

  • Bachelor of Arts

  • Bachelor of Fashion

What is the profession of Molly's Sister Jenna Yeh?

  • Food Vlogger

  • Chef

  • Writter

  • Dancer

Which of these foods is NOT a specialty of Molly Yeh's?

  • Macarons

  • Shakshuka

  • Lefse

  • Hummus

What is the name of Molly Yeh's cookbook, published in 2016?

  • Molly on the Range

  • Molly's Kitchen

  • The Joy of Molly

  • Yeh-tastic Cooking

In which city did Molly Yeh attend culinary school?

  • New York

  • San Francisco

  • Paris

  • London

What is the name of the farm where Molly Yeh and her husband live?

  • Sunny Acres Farm

  • Homestead Farm

  • Hoot n Holler Farm

  • Happy Valley Farm


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