Quiz: Which Moon In The Day Character Are You?

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Quiz: Which Moon In The Day Character Are You?

Take this Moon In The Day Character Character Quiz to see which iconic figure from Moon In The Day matches you

Moon in the Day is a new South Korean TV show. It’ll be aired on November 1st of this year, and will continue to air every Wednesday and Thursday. The series starred popular artist like Pyo Ye-jin, Kim Young-dae, On Joo-wan, Jung Woong-in, and Lee Geung-young. One thing to note is that it’s based on a webtoon with the same name that was published on Naver.
Which Moon in the Day Character Are You?
Do you think of yourself as a hopeless romantic like Han Jun-oh? Or are you more funny and full of life like Seok Chul-hwan? Maybe you have bad memory like Kang Young-hwa or can travel in time like Han Min-oh? Take this quiz to find out which Moon in the Day character are you most like!

Let's Start this Quiz
You're given the chance to meet your soulmate. What do you do?
You're having a bad day. What do you do to cheer yourself up?
You're in a dangerous situation. What do you do?
You find out that your memory has been erased. How do you react?
You're at a party and you see someone you're attracted to. What do you do?
You're facing a difficult challenge. What do you do?
What's your biggest fear?
You have the power to travel through time. What would you do?
What's your biggest dream?
You have to make a difficult choice. What do you do?
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