Murder Mystery 2 Quiz: Which Murder Mystery Character Are You?

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Murder Mystery 2 Quiz: Which Murder Mystery Character Are You?

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"Murder Mystery 2" is the sequel to the 2019 film “Murder Mystery.” In this film, our favorite characters Nick and Audrey Spitz go on vacation. But of course, they don't just relax. Instead, they find themselves trying to solve another murder mystery while in Europe. Like its forerunner, this second installment also features a comedic flair.
What's a movie without it's cast? The movie has a lot to boast about in that area too. To name a few notable names: Adam Sandler as Nick Spitz, Jennifer Aniston as Audrey Spitz, Mark Strong as Connor Miller, Mélanie Laurent as Claudette, Jodie Turner-Smith as Countess Sekou, John Kani as Colonel Ulenga etc.
Before I continue talking about the movie let me ask you something. Which character do you think you would be from murder mystery 2? Just click here and take the quiz to find out!

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How do you spend your weekends?
How do you handle stress?
What is your favorite hobby?
Which character trait do you value the most?
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