Which Muted For You Character Are You? - Muted Quiz

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Which Muted For You Character Are You? - Muted Quiz

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Welcome to this series, set in Bilbao, where secrets and obsessions mix together.Show More

In it we follow the story of Sergio Ciscar, a recently freed detainee that is being watched by young psychiatrist Ana Dussuel and her team. Answer these questions to find out which character you relate to the most!

How do you deal with the weight of past mistakes and regrets?

How do you approach the search for personal identity and self-discovery?

How do you view the concept of trust in your life?

How do you manage internet security and privacy?

How do you go about networking and making connections online?

How do you approach relationships with others?

How do you handle secrets and hidden truths?

How do you handle intense emotions and inner turmoil?

How do you handle the pressure of being watched and monitored?

How do you deal with the presence of corruption and deceit around you?

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