Which My Perfect Stranger Character Are You? - Quiz

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Which My Perfect Stranger Character Are You? - Quiz

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My Perfect Stranger is a South Korean television series.Show More

KBS released My Perfect Stranger in 2023. My Perfect Stranger is the story of the strange and beautiful time travel of two people who gets trapped in the year 1987. My Perfect Stranger is directed by Kang Soo-yeon and Lee Woong-hee. 
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See how much you know about this romantic South Korean television series. Let's find out which character from ‘My Perfect Stranger' you are! Take this quiz to uncover if you're entirely Mok Sol-hee, Kim Do-ha, Lee Kang-min, Sha On or someone else. Have a nice day!

What role does trust play in your life?

How do you handle unexpected revelations or surprises?

How do you view the concept of justice?

How do you deal with the emotional complexity of preventing your parents' marriage?

How do you view the importance of family?

How do you approach the concept of fate and destiny?

How do you approach the challenges of uncovering the truth in a serial murder case?

How do you handle the weight of responsibility in pursuing your goals?

How do you approach solving mysteries or uncovering the truth?

How do you handle conflicting goals and desires between yourself and others?

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