Napoleon Bonaparte Trivia Quiz: A French Military Leader

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Napoleon Bonaparte Trivia Quiz: A French Military Leader

Napoleon Bonaparte was born in 1769. He was a French military and political figure who rose to prominence during the French Revolution and led several victorious Revolutionary War missions. From 1799 to 1804, Napoleon served as the de facto leader of the French Republic as First Consul. Napoleon was one of history's most outstanding military leaders, and his wars and campaigns are taught in military schools worldwide. Here's a quiz based on Napoleon Bonaparte.

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The period after Napoleon's return from exile until King Louis XVIII retook the throne is called what?

  • French Civil War

  • The Short Guy's Revenge

  • The Hundred Days

  • The Battle Days

Which country did Napoleon defeat in the 1809 Battle of Wagram?

  • Asia

  • Austria

  • Australia

  • Russia

Which nation did Napoleon invade in 1812?

  • United States

  • Libya

  • Australia

  • Russia

When did Napoleon Bonaparte die?

  • February 2, 1818

  • March 3, 1819

  • April 4, 1820

  • May 5, 1821

When was Napoleon Bonaparte born?

  • July 14, 1769

  • August 15, 1769

  • September 16, 1769

  • October 17, 1769

In 1808, Napoleon made his brother king of which country?

  • Spain

  • Ghana

  • America

  • Germany

Where was Napoleon Bonaparte born?

  • The Cook Islands

  • The Dalmatian Islands

  • Island of Whitsunday

  • Island of Corsica

In June 1815, Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated in which battle?

  • The Battle of Waterloo

  • The Battle of Lepanto

  • The Battle of Thermopylae

  • The Battle of the Bulge

Which military event led to Napoleon being promoted to brigadier general?

  • Valmy

  • Siege of Toulon

  • Battle of Montenotte

  • Battle of Honschoote

When did Napoleon become the emperor of France?

  • In 1789

  • In 1802

  • In 1804

  • In 1800


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