Natasha Trethewey Trivia Quiz: An American Poet

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Natasha Trethewey is an American poet who served as United States Poet Laureate from 2012 to 2014. She won the Pulitzer Prize in Poetry for her 2006 collection, Native Guard. Trethewey is the Board of Trustees Professor of English at Northwestern University and a former Poet Laureate of Mississippi. She was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Letters and as a Chancellor of the Academy of American Poets. Here are ten quiz questions about Natasha Trethewey:

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In which year was Trethewey elected to the American Philosophical Society?

  • 2020

  • 2021

  • 2022

  • 2023

Where is Trethewey currently employed as a professor of English?

  • Emory University

  • Northwestern University

  • Harvard University

  • Yale University

What was the occupation of Trethewey's mother?

  • Poet

  • Social worker

  • Professor

  • Artist

What was the racial designation of Trethewey's mother on her birth certificate?

  • African American

  • White

  • Colored

  • Hispanic

How did Trethewey's mother die?

  • In a car accident

  • From a heart attack

  • Murdered by her second husband

  • From cancer

Who is Trethewey's husband?

  • A poet

  • A historian

  • An artist

  • A musician

Which organization elected Trethewey as a Chancellor?

  • Academy of American Poets

  • American Academy of Arts and Letters

  • American Philosophical Society

  • National Endowment for the Arts

To whom is Trethewey's collection Native Guard dedicated?

  • Her father

  • Her mother

  • Her husband

  • Her sister

Which of Trethewey's collections won the Pulitzer Prize in Poetry?

  • Monument

  • Domestic Work

  • Native Guard

  • Bellocq's Ophelia

In which year did Natasha Trethewey serve as United States Poet Laureate?

  • 2012-2013

  • 2013-2014

  • 2014-2015

  • 2015-2016


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