Nayanthara Quiz: An Indian Actress

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  • Last Updated: 27 Jul, 2022
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Nayanthara Quiz: An Indian Actress

Diana Mariam Kurian, popular as Nayanthara, was born in 1984. She is a well-known actress and producer from India who has worked in the Tamil, Malayalam, and Telugu cinema industries. She was listed on the Forbes India "Celebrity 100" list for 2018, with a total yearly income of 15.17 crore. Nayanthara is one of India's top paid actresses and has appeared in more than 75 films over the course of three decades. Here’s a quiz based on Nayanthara. So, Let’s play the quiz.

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Where was Nayanthara born?
What year did Nayanthara make her debut in Kannada film?
Nayanthara made her debut in a Kannad with which film?
Which movie earned Nayanthara both the Filmfare Award and Nandi Award for Best Actress?
Nayanthara made her debut in which film?
Which year was Nayanthara awarded The Hindu World Of Women Awards for Excellence in Entertainment?
Nayanthara won the Filmfare Award for Best Malayalam Actress for which movie?
In what movie did Nayanthara debut in Tamil?
When was Nayanthara born?
When did Nayanthara make her acting debut?