Neil Armstrong Quiz: An American Astronaut

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Neil Armstrong Quiz: An American Astronaut

Neil Alden Armstrong was born in Ohio, the U.S., in 1930. He was the first person to walk on the Moon and an American astronaut and aeronautical engineer. Armstrong was also a navy aviator, a test pilot, and a lecturer at a university. He completed aeronautical engineering from Purdue University, and the U.S. Navy paid for his undergraduate tuition under the Holloway Plan. In 1949, he was commissioned as a midshipman, and the following year, he was commissioned as a naval pilot. So let's play the quiz based on Neil Armstrong.

Let's Start this Quiz
What was the mission's name that Armstrong went to the Moon for?
Where did Armstrong study aeronautical engineering?
When was Neil Armstrong born?
Which rocket plane did Neil Armstrong fly?
When did Neil Armstrong land on the Moon?
Before becoming an astronaut, what did Armstrong do?
When did Neil Armstrong die?
Where was Neil Armstrong born?
Neil served as a fighter pilot for the U.S. Navy in what war?
What was the name of the first airplane Armstrong rode on?