Nithya Menen Quiz: An Indian Actress

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  • Last Updated: 07 Aug, 2022
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Nithya Menen Quiz: An Indian Actress

Nithya Menen was born in 1988 in Karnataka. She is a singer and actress from India who predominantly performs inTelugu, Kannada, Malayalam, and Telugu films. She has appeared in almost 50 movies and has won numerous honours, including three Filmfare Awards South and two Nandi Awards. Here’s a quiz based on Nithya Menon. So, let’s play the quiz.

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In which Tamil film did Nithya make her debut?
What was the name of Nithya's first co-star in Malayalam?
When was Nithya Menon born?
Where was Nithya Menon born?
Who was Nithya's first Tamil co-star?
What is the name of Nithya's Telugu debut?
What Kannada movie featured Nithya in a supporting role?
Who is Nithya's inspiration for her acting career?
Which was Nithya’s Malayalam debut film?
Nithya played a child actress role in which movie?