Nora Roberts Trivia Quiz: An American Author

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Nora Roberts Trivia Quiz: An American Author

Nora Roberts was born in 1950. She is an American writer who has written over 225 romantic books. She has written under the pen names Jill March and Sarah Hardesty for journals in the UK, as well as J. D. Robb for the In Death series. Roberts was the first novelist to be honoured in the Hall of Fame of the Romance Writers of America. Here’s a quiz based on Nora Roberts. So, let’s play the quiz.

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When was the first romantic suspense book written by Roberts and published under the pen name J. D. Robb?

  • In 1994

  • In 1995

  • In 1996

  • In 1997

To whom did Nora Roberts get married in 1985?

  • Ronald Aufdem

  • Eva Williams

  • Bruce Wilder

  • Jessica Howards

What was the name of the Nora's first novel?

  • Night Shift

  • Irish Thoroughbred

  • Private Scandals

  • Carolina Moon

Where was Nora Roberts born?

  • Oregon

  • Utah

  • Maine

  • Maryland

In what year did Nora Roberts begin writing single title books for Bantam?

  • In 1987

  • In 1988

  • In 1989

  • In 1990

With which novel did Roberts pass the hundred-novel mark in 1996?

  • The Witness

  • Carolina Moon

  • Angels Fall

  • Montana Sky

The Quills Foundation honored which Nora's novel as its book of the year?

  • Blue Smoke

  • Carolina Moon

  • Three Fates

  • Angels Fall

When did Roberts was awarded the RWA Lifetime Achievement Award?

  • In 1997

  • In 1998

  • In 1999

  • In 2000

When was Nora Roberts born?

  • October 09, 1950

  • October 10, 1950

  • October 11, 1950

  • October 12, 1950

Roberts has written 54 novels plus ten novellas for which series as of March 2022?

  • Melodies of Love

  • Born In

  • In Death

  • Sweet Revenge


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