Nur Jahan Trivia Quiz: Chief Wife Of The Mughal Emperor

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Nur Jahan Trivia Quiz: Chief Wife Of The Mughal Emperor

Nur Jahan was a Mughal emperor who reigned from 1577 until 1645. She was the Mughal emperor Jahangir's principal wife, and historians believe she was the true power behind the throne for much of her husband's reign. During the height of the Mughal Empire's power and splendor, Nur Jahan, Jahangir's chief consort, was the most prominent and influential woman in court. As a result, Nur Jahan was given particular honors and privileges that no other Mughal empress had ever had before or after. Test your knowledge of Nur Jahan by taking this quiz.

What is the height of Nur Jahan?

  • 5 Feet , 0 Inches (Approx)

  • 4 Feet, 10 Inches (Approx)

  • 5 Feet, 9 Inches (Approx)

  • 6 Feet ,0 Inches (Approx)

When was Nur Jahan die?

  • 28 May 1647

  • 18 December 1645

  • 13 November 1650

  • 01 August 1648

At what age did Nur Jahan get married to her first husband, Sher Afgan Khan?

  • 17 years

  • 15 years

  • 19 years

  • 12 years

Where is the Tomb of Nur Jahan located?

  • Kabul

  • Multan

  • Agra

  • Lahore

What is the cause of death of Nur Jahan?

  • Murdered

  • Heart Failure

  • Cancer

  • Stroke

Who is the father of Nur Jahan?

  • Humayun

  • Moropant Tambe

  •  Mirza Ghiyas Beg

  • Iltutmish

When was Nur Jahan born?

  • 31 May 1577

  • 12 April 1571

  • 03 December 1568

  • 17 July 1578

Nur Jahan was the wife of which Mughal Emperor?

  • Babur

  • Humayun

  • Akbar

  • Sher Afgan Khan

Where was Nur Jahan born?

  • United Kingdom

  • United States

  • Kandahar, Afghanistan

  • Dubai

What is the Religion of Nur Jahan?

  • Sunni Islam

  •  Shia Islam

  • Christians

  • Hindu

Who is the daughter of Nur Jahan?

  • Mihr-un-Nissa Begum

  • Mumtaz Begum

  • Rihana Begum

  • Ilah Begum

When did Naseem Banu portray Nur Jahan in Sohrab Modi's film Pukar?

  • 1938

  • 1940

  • 1939

  • 1943

How many children does Nur Jahan have?

  • Two

  • Three

  • One

  • Four

Nur Jahan is considered by historians to have been the real power behind the throne for more than ________years.

  • Seventeen

  • Sixteen

  • Fifteen

  • Eighteen


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