Which Obliterated Character Are You? - Obliterated Quiz

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Which Obliterated Character Are You? - Obliterated Quiz

Take this most popular Obliterated Quiz to see which iconic character from the Tv Series Obliterated are you?

Obliterated is an upcoming American action. It is an immersive military drama series.Show More

And it depicts the journey of a group of skilled US army personnel. They fight against a dangerous terrorist organization. Participate in secretive missions brimming with suspense, heavy gunfire exchanges, and steadfastness among fellow players on an identical mission.  It is set to premiere on Netflix on November 30, 2023, running for eight episodes.
Have you ever wondered which character from Obliterated you are?
Curious to find out which one of the “obliterated” characters suits your personality best? Solve this quiz in order to uncover yourself as an inner warrior, crafty spy or fearless traveler.

What drives you to join this team?

How do you unwind after a mission?

What do you think about teamwork?

The way you operate best on a mission?

Your response to a betrayal within the team?

How would you react to an undercover black-op assignment?

What's your outlook on life?

Define your personality with one word:

What is your weapon of choice in the field?

What are your strategies in handling a high pressure situation?

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