Which The Office Character Are You? - The Office Quiz

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Which The Office Character Are You? - The Office Quiz

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Are you secretly plotting like Dwight, charming clients like Jim, or just trying to survive Michael's antics like Pam? Uncover your Scranton soulmate with this hilarious Office quiz! Answer questions that test your prankster potential, Dundie dreams, and TPS report prowess. Will you emerge as the office joker, the level-headed leader, or the hopeless romantic? No beet farming required, just play quiz and discover your inner Dunder Mifflinite!

How do you respond to changes in office procedures or protocols?
Your team is divided on a major decision. How do you contribute to the resolution?
Your office is planning a surprise celebration for a colleague. How do you contribute?
When faced with a challenging project, what's your approach to collaboration?
How do you navigate office politics and interpersonal relationships?
Your coworker consistently borrows office supplies without asking. How do you address the situation?
Your supervisor assigns you a task outside your usual responsibilities. How do you approach it?
How do you typically handle an overwhelming workload?
A coworker takes credit for your idea in a meeting. How do you handle the situation?
Your office is planning a team-building activity. What's your preferred choice?
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