Oggy Oggy Quiz: Which Oggy Character Are You?

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Oggy Oggy Quiz: Which Oggy Character Are You?

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Oggy Oggy is a French CGI animated television series for kids. It's a spin-off of Oggy and the Cockroaches. The show was created by Jean Cayrol& Cédric Guarneri and announced on April 25, 2019. Production started in the summer of that same year. Netflix released its first season on August 24, 2021. They're also working on a second season, expected to release next year in 2022. Although Oggy and the Cockroaches were aimed at preteens (ages 6-12), this show is specifically for toddlers (3-5 years old).
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What is your personality like?
What is your biggest dream?
Which animal is your favorite?
Which is your favorite outfit in the wardrobe?
What is your approach to solving a problem?
Which color is your favorite?
How do you spend your free time?
How do you spend rainy days?
Which is your favorite food?
How do you spend a sunny day?
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