Once Upon a Crime Quiz: Which Once Upon a Crime Character Are You?

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Once Upon a Crime Quiz: Which Once Upon a Crime Character Are You?

Once Upon a Crime Movie Quiz, Quiz | Can you solve the murder mystery?, Once Upon a Crime Japanese Movie Quiz

Once Upon a Crime is adventure, crime and fantasy movie. A red-hooded little girl meets an ash-covered girl on her journey, Little Red Riding Hood. On their way to the ball, the two run over a man in a pumpkin carriage after being changed into a nice dress by a witch. Cinderella and the prince arrived safely at the ball at the castle, where Cinderella fell in love with the prince, despite their fears that the corpse would be discovered. During the ball, the body of a man is discovered. It is Little Red Riding Hood and Cinderella who suffer the most.
• Released: 2023 (Netflix)
• Director: Yûichi Fukuda
• Writers: Aito Aoyagi Yûichi Fukuda Tetsurô Kamata
• Stars: Kanna HashimotoYûko Araki Takanori Iwata
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How do you react when faced with an unexpected challenge?
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In social situations, are you more likely to be:
What's your approach to handling challenges?
How do you handle betrayal or deception?
When faced with adversity, do you tend to be:
Which of the following traits do you value most in yourself?
When seeking a solution, what's your preferred method?
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