Oni: Thunder God’s Tale Quiz: Which Oni Character Are You?

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Oni: Thunder God’s Tale Quiz: Which Oni Character Are You?

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In the Oni: Thunder God’s Tale, an enchanting land, Onari fulfills her dreams of becoming like her father who is a Thunder God. The journey of Onari unfolds in a magical realm filled with gods and mythological creatures where she experiences several challenges, tribulations and ultimately discovers her amazing powers. She should be ready to face strong enemies and protect her village from closing danger which is the Oni threat due to unwavering determination and courageous heart.
What Oni: Thunder God's Tale Character Are You?
By Going Inside Yourself Which Persona From Oni: Thunder God's Tale Is Yours? This spellbinding test would dip into your deepest psyche, analyzing your strongest points, ideals, and secret skills. Your answers will determine if you are as strong-willed as Onari, a mischievous spirit like Kappa or wise like Elder. Take the journey of self-discovery; know the character that best describes you.

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What is your favorite mythical creature?
How would you describe your sense of humor?
How do you deal with conflicts?
How do you relax and take off?
What is your approach to challenges?
What type of weather do you love?
Which weapon do you like best?
What color do you like most?
If you are part of a team, what role do you usually play?
What is your preferred mode of transportation?
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