Onimusha Quiz: Which Onimusha Character Are You?

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Onimusha Quiz: Which Onimusha Character Are You?

Take this Onimusha Character Quiz to see which iconic character from Onimusha matches your personality.

Released in 2023, Onimusha is a Japanese anime series.  The center of this ambitious series is Miyamoto Musashi. He’s modeled right after Toshiro Mifune. A Japanese film icon that’s known across the entire world. We’re at the start of an intense series, and you can expect realistic action in every episode. Watch as Musashi’s blade dances through evil while he travels through a poor land, cursed by poverty. If you've ever played this Capcom classic, then you might be interested to know that it's also one of the best-selling franchises in their history, selling over 8.6 million units globally.
• Director: Takashi Miike, Shin'ya Sugai
• Writers: Hideyuki Kurata
• Music: Kôji Endô
Which Onimusha Character Are You? - Play Quiz
Let's find out which character from 'Onimusha' you are! Take this quiz to uncover if you're entirely Musashi Miyamoto, Kojiro Sasaki, or someone else. Good luck!

Let's Start this Quiz
In a battle against an all-powerful demon, you’re outnumbered and outmatched. But that doesn’t mean you’ll give up. What keeps you going?
That’s what others say about me, here's how I’d describe myself:
While walking through the forest you hear a strange sound. When you turn around, you see a horde of zombies stumbling towards you. What’s your next move?
When do other people describe you as:
And this is your greatest strength:
How do you decide what to do when you have to make a difficult decision that could have major consequences?
If you could learn any skill or ability in the world, what would it be?
You’ve been given the opportunity to choose between three paths:
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