Painkiller TV Series Quiz: Which Painkiller Character Are You?

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Painkiller TV Series Quiz: Which Painkiller Character Are You?

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"Painkiller" is a captivating limited drama series produced exclusively for Netflix. This six-episode series is inspired by Patrick Radden Keefe's renowned New Yorker article, "The Family That Built an Empire of Pain.
With a particular focus on Purdue Pharma, a company owned by the infamous Sackler family, known for producing OxyContin, this series unravels the intricate web of deception and devastation surrounding this epidemic.
In this provocative drama, the characters of Painkiller: Limited Series reveal complex personalities and navigate a world filled with moral dilemmas. Are you curious to find out which character you relate to most from the series? Let's dive in and discover your match!

Let's Start this Quiz
You witness an injustice in your workplace. How do you respond?
You're offered a high-paying job that involves ethically questionable tasks. What's your choice?
How do you approach personal relationships?
A major crisis unfolds in your community. How do you respond?
A close friend asks for a favor that could jeopardize your own interests. How do you respond?
A close friend is in trouble and needs your help. How do you assist them?
Your significant other is involved in a controversial situation. How do you support them?
How do you handle conflicts with colleagues or superiors?
You stumble upon a shocking secret that could destroy a powerful pharmaceutical company. What's your initial reaction?
You have the chance to expose a powerful individual's wrongdoing. What's your choice?
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