Pandurang Vaman Kane Trivia Quiz: An Indologist

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Pandurang Vaman Kane Trivia Quiz: An Indologist

Pandurang Vaman Kane Quiz: How well do you know Pandurang Vaman Kane?

Pandurang Vaman Kane was born in Maharashtra in 1880. He was a renowned Sanskrit expert and indologist. He was given India's highest civilian honour, the Bharat Ratna, in 1963 for his scholarly labour, which covered more than 40 years of productive academic study and produced 6,500 pages of History of Dharmastra. "Pandurang Vaman Kane, a renowned Sanskritist committed to social reform, followed the older tradition of learning," claims historian Ram Sharan Sharma. Let’s play the quiz based on Pandurang Vaman Kane.

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Let's Start this Quiz
What was Kane's most notable work?
Kane published the monumental "History of the Dharmasastra" in how many volumes?
What role did Kane hold at the University of Mumbai?
What was the Asian Society of Mumbai's tribute to him?
Where was Pandurang Vaman Kane born?
Kane published how many books throughout his career?
When was Kane got the Bharat Ratna?
In which year Kane received the Sahitya Akademi award?
When was Pandurang Vaman Kane born?
When did Pandurang Vaman Kane die?

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