Parag Agrawal Quiz: CEO of Twitter

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  • Last Updated: 30 Nov, 2021
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Parag Agrawal Quiz: CEO of Twitter

Parag Agrawal was born in Mumbai, India. He completed his Bachelor of Engineering degree in computer science at the Indian Institute of Technology Mumbai. Afterward, he went to Stanford University in California to complete his Ph.D. Since November 2021, he has been appointed as the chief executive officer (CEO) of Twitter. Herein, we will test your knowledge through a few basic quiz questions based on Parag Agrawal's personal life and professional career.

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From which college Parag Agrawal obtained his B.Tech.( Computer Science and Engineering) degree?
When did Twitter announce Parag Agrawal as chief technology officer (CTO)?
Where did Parag work before joining Twitter?
When did Parag join Twitter?
What rank did Parag Agrawal earn in the 2000's Joint Entrance Exam?
To whom did Parag Agrawal get married?
In the 2001 International Physics Olympiad, held in Turkey, Parag Agrawal won _______.
From which University, Parag Agrawal studied Ph.D. in computer science?
When was Parag appointed as the chief executive officer (CEO) of Twitter?
Where was Parag Agrawal born?