Paul Auster Trivia Quiz: An American Writer

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Paul Auster Trivia Quiz: An American Writer

Paul Benjamin Auster was born in 1947. He is a writer and director from the United States. He went to high school and university two years ahead of late contemporary writer Lawrence Auster, who was his first cousin. He was raised in Newark and South Orange, New Jersey, and received his diploma from Maplewood's Columbia High School. Here’s a quiz based on Paul Auster. So, let’s play the quiz.

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When was Paul Auster born?

  • February 2, 1947

  • February 3, 1947

  • February 4, 1947

  • February 5, 1947

What university did Paul Auster graduate from with a B.A. and an M.A.?

  • Columbia University

  • George Mason University

  • Georgia State University

  • Iowa State University

Which novel did Auster publish in 2010?

  • Sunset Park

  • Man in the Dark

  • Oracle Night

  • Moon Palace

When did Auster get the Bodil Award for his film Smoke?

  • In 1994

  • In 1995

  • In 1996

  • In 1997

When did Auster receive the NYC Literary Honors for fiction?

  • In 2012

  • In 2013

  • In 2014

  • In 2015

What was the name of the novel Auster published in 2017?

  • Invisible

  • 4 3 2 1

  • Day/Night

  • Ghosts

When did Auster's A Life in Words publish?

  • In 2015

  • In 2016

  • In 2017

  • In 2018

To whom did Paul Auster get married in 1974?

  • Harper Davis

  • Lydia Davis

  • Isabella Davis

  • Siri Hustvedt

Where was Paul Auster born?

  • Texas

  • New York

  • Florida

  • New Jersey

What was the name of Auster's first memoir?

  • The Art of Hunger

  • Hand to Mouth

  • Winter Journal

  • The Invention of Solitude


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