Paul Fleischman Trivia Quiz: An American writer

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Paul Fleischman Quiz: How well do you know Paul Fleischman?

Paul Fleischman is an American writer of children's books and the son of children's book author Sid Fleischman. He has won the Newbery Medal and has been nominated for numerous other awards. He attended college at the University of California Berkeley and the University of New Mexico before beginning his career as a writer.

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Where was Paul Fleischman born?
What was the title of the book that won Paul Fleischman the Newbery Medal in 1989?
Which of the following themes is not frequently explored in Paul Fleischman's work?
What is the name of Paul Fleischman's grammar watchdog group?
What was Paul Fleischman's first book about?
In what year was Paul Fleischman the United States author nominee for the international Hans Christian Andersen Award?
What award did Paul Fleischman win in 1989?
What is the name of Paul Fleischman's father?
In what year was Paul Fleischman born?
Which of the following is not a book written by Paul Fleischman?

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