Which Platonic Character Are You? - Platonic Quiz

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Which Platonic Character Are You? - Platonic Quiz

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“Platonic” is a drama series about unconditional love.Show More

Following the lives of two best friends, Alex and Jenny, who help each other overcome obstacles in love, life, and their careers. The show takes place in a bustling city.
Which Platonic Character Are You?
Take the quiz to find out which character you are from Sylvia, Will, Charlie or Andy!

When it comes to social dynamics, which approach do you find most relatable?

Which character's outlook on life do you find most inspiring?

When it comes to friendships, which values align with your own?

How do you typically handle conflicts with others?

How do you typically handle stressful situations?

Which sense of humor resonates with you the most?

Which journey and personal growth do you find most compelling?

When faced with a challenging situation, how do you typically handle it?

When faced with a difficult decision, which character's approach aligns with your own values?

Which character's communication style do you find most similar to your own?

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