Pluto Season 1 Quiz: Which Pluto Character Are You?

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Pluto Season 1 Quiz: Which Pluto Character Are You?

Take this Pluto Character Quiz to see which iconic character from Pluto matches your personality.

Pluto is a suspenseful animated series that takes place in this time. Inspector Face is a detective who works for Europol and his job is to investigate murders done by robots who were once just like him. But the catch is that he’s also their next target. Alongside him, he has an army of unfamiliar alliances. Gesicht is a detective from Germany who joins the investigation in these mysterious killings. As they go further into the case they find something that can ruin everything they know about the world: cynicism. And things don’t stop there as you’d expect it to be, this anime continuously gets worse and worse for them making it harder for them to solve it. Despite all of this, if you’re into shows that make you think deeply about things like humanity, identity and technology then Pluto Season 1 may be of interest to you. This isn’t your standard thriller though, with its science fiction roots and mystery elements we think you’ll enjoy it too.
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This quiz will test your knowledge of Pluto’s first season. The questions will focus on Pluto and his friends’ adventures throughout the season and Pluto’s main character.

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How do you cope with stress?
Where would you love to go on vacation?
What’s the best way for you to decompress after a long day?
How do you prefer to handle criticism?
How do you like to spend your weekends?
How do you go about making friends?
What’s your favorite late-night thing to snack on?
What is your favorite type of music?
Which quality do you value most in others?
What’s your favorite season?
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