Prabhu Deva Trivia Quiz: An Iconic Actor/choreographer

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Prabhu Deva Trivia Quiz: An Iconic Actor/choreographer

Prabhu Deva was born in 1973. He is an Indian dance choreographer, film director, producer, and actor known primarily in Tamil, Hindi, and Telugu films. His 32-year career has seen him perform and design dancing styles in a wide range of genres. He has won two National Film Awards for Best Choreography, and he was awarded the Padma Shri in 2019.

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Where was Prabhu Deva born?

  • Mysore

  • Mandya

  • Haveri

  • Ballari

For which Bollywood movie Prabhu Deva was awarded Best Choreographer in National Film Award?

  • Rowdy Rathore

  • Lakshya

  • R.Rajkumar

  • Singh is Bling

What is the name of the dance academy that Prabhu Deva had in Singapore?

  • Prabhudheva's Dance Academy

  • Live and Dance

  • Life for Dance

  • Come To Dance

Prabhu Deva is sometimes referred to as India's ___ in Dance.

  • Chris Brown

  • Usher

  • Fred Astaire

  • Michael Jackson

Which one of the following movies is directed by Prabhu Deva?

  • Wanted

  • Action Jackson

  • R.Rajkumar

  • All of these

Which Telugu movie did Prabhu Deva start his directing career?

  • VIP

  • Pennin Manathai Thottu

  • Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana

  • Kaathala Kaathala

Which one of these is Prabhu Deva's first movie, and he appeared as one of the background dancers?

  • Agni Natchathiram

  • En Jeevan Paduthu

  • Manamagale Vaa

  • Urimai Geetham

From whom did Prabhu Deva learn Bharatanatyam?

  • A. Dharmaraj

  • B. Udupi Lakshminarayanan

  • C. Birju Maharaj

  • Both A and B

What is Prabhu Deva's full name?

  • Prabhu Deva Iyer

  • Prabhu Deva Sundaram

  • Prabhu Deva Reddy

  • Prabhu Deva Rao

Prabhu Deva's eldest son died of what?

  • Malaria

  • Lungs Cancer

  • Brain Cancer

  • Pneumonia


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