Priscilla Quiz: Which Priscilla Character Are You?

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Priscilla Quiz: Which Priscilla Character Are You?

Take this Priscilla Character Quiz to see which character from Priscilla matches your personality.

Released in 2023, Priscilla is biographical film. Based on a memoir by Priscilla Presley and Elvis, Sofia Coppola directed, wrote, and produced the film about their love. Priscilla is about Priscilla Presley's memoir Elvis and Me. Wondering what character you are from your favorite movie? 
Play this fun Quiz to Find Out Which Character From Priscilla You Are.

Let's Start this Quiz
Now what’s your biggest weakness?
What is your greatest hope for the future?
What would you say is your biggest strength?
You’re taking a walk down the street and you notice a group of people. Each one staring at you. What’s the first thing you do?
Do you live by a motto? What is it?
How do you go about making difficult choices?
Imagine you’re in a room with random people. What do you do?
You were offered a role in a huge budget movie. What do you choose?
What is your biggest fear?
You encountered a difficult situation in your career. How do you deal with it?
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