Psychology Quiz - Am I A Psyche Pro?

By Catherine Wales
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Let's Start this Quiz

This quiz was made to challenge your knowledge of various ideas in psychology, such as basic principles and more advanced theories. Pleading with the entire study of human mind and behavior is called psychology. It has a wide range of fascinating topics including memory, motivation, personality, and mental disorders. Involvement in this quiz gives you an opportunity to test your understanding over different areas of psychology from Freudian psychoanalysis to modern cognitive neuroscience. 
If you are interested in psychology or revising for an examination that is coming up then this quiz is fun and interesting way to assess your comprehension of essential psychological concepts. Now let’s get down into it and find out how well you know how human mind works.

What kind of memory entails recollecting matters from past happenings or experiences?

  • Procedural memory

  • Semantic memory

  • Episodic memory

  • Implicit memory.

What term describes the fading out of a conditioned response in the absence of the stimulus?

  • Extinction

  • Generalization

  • Discrimination

  • Acquisition

In Erikson’s theory, what is the stage in which identity formation in adolescents is emphasized?

  • Initiative vs. Guilt

  • Industry vs. Inferiority

  • Identity vs. Role Confusion

  • Intimacy vs. Isolation

What is the word for agreeing with a group’s beliefs while having personal doubts?

  • Subordination 

  • Groupthink

  • Cognitive dissonance

  • Social facilitation

Who proposed multiple intelligences theory, suggesting intelligence is a mix of different abilities?

  • B.F. Skinner

  • Jean Piaget

  • Howard Gardner 

  • Erik Erikson.

Which area of the brain is responsible for emotional responses such as fear and aggression?

  • Frontal lobe

  • Parietal lobe

  • Amygdala

  • Hypothalamus

Who put forth a viewpoint on the organization of needs in human motivation?

  • Sigmund Freud

  • Abraham Maslow

  • B.F. Skinner

  • Carl Rogers

What term refers to ascribing one’s ideas to others?

  • Projection 

  • Displacement 

  • Reaction formation 

  • Sublimation

Which perspective emphasizes on unconscious forces shaping behavior?

  • Humanistic perspective

  • Cognitive perspective

  • Psychodynamic perspective

  • Behavioral Perspective

What term describes shifting one’s emotions to a more socially acceptable site?

  • Regression

  • Rationalization

  • Sublimation

  • Displacement


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