Queen Cleopatra TV Series Quiz: Which Queen Cleopatra Character Are You?

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Queen Cleopatra TV Series Quiz: Which Queen Cleopatra Character Are You?

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Dive into the riveting realm of old Egypt through the electrifying show, "Queen Cleopatra." Live out the suspense, mystery, and intense rivalry during Cleo's rule. Queen Cleopatra Cast - Adele James as Cleopatra, Craig Russell as Marc Antoine, Kaysha Woollery as Charmian, Andira Crichlow as Arsinoe and more. It's a real brain-bender for any college kid looking for a mind trip back in time! Ever wonder which character you'd be in the riveting world of "Queen Cleopatra"? 
Wondering Which Queen Cleopatra Character Are You?
Are you more like the smart and sly queen herself, or maybe her trusted advisor? Or could it be that power-hungry rival suits your personality better? We've put together a fun quiz for all you history buffs out there. Give it a go to see who from ancient Egypt's political drama is most like you! Remember, every good story needs its cast - find out where exactly would fit into this epic tale.

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How do you handle the pressures of leadership?
How do you approach interpersonal relationships?
Which quality do you value the most in others?
How do you handle conflicts and disagreements?
Which trait best describes your personality?
When faced with a difficult decision, what is your preferred approach?
What is your view on power and authority?
How do you handle challenges and setbacks?
How do you handle betrayal and disloyalty?
What is your approach to achieving your goals?
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