Quiz: Am I Clingy?

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Quiz: Am I Clingy?

Do you find yourself constantly seeking reassurance from your partner?Show More

Do you worry about them being away from you? Do you feel anxious when they don't respond to your texts or calls right away? If these questions resonate with you, take this quiz to explore your attachment style and determine if you might be on the clingy side.
Answer these insightful questions and we'll help you understand your attachment patterns, identify potential areas for growth, and develop healthier ways of relating to your partner.

Do you prefer spending most of your free time with your partner?
How often do you check your partner's messages when they're not around?
How do you feel about your partner having close friends of the opposite gender?
How do you react when your partner makes plans without consulting you?
How often do you express concern about your partner's plans without you?
How do you handle your partner spending time with their family without you?
How often do you surprise your partner with unexpected visits or calls?
How do you react when your partner doesn't reply to your message immediately?
Do you feel the need to know every detail about your partner's day?
How often do you initiate contact with your partner during the day?
Do you often seek reassurance about your relationship from your partner?
Do you feel anxious when your partner spends time with friends without you?
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