Quiz: Am I Clingy?

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Quiz: Am I Clingy?

Quiz: Am I Clingy?is the examination of self-reflection journey. It is designed to help people evaluate how emotionally dependent and attached they are in relationships. The questions it asks go into details of what may indicate attachment problems on the part of the respondent. In this case, the quiz wants to make people reflect upon themselves by helping them recognize their attachment styles. The other side is that it helps to create better ties by talking about how someone can understand her or his limits in relationships as well as maintaining independence from others. This quiz is an instrument for internalizing one’s own behavior patterns with respect to relationship and thereby assisting individuals in establishing a healthier interaction with others. It can be used as a reflective tool to find out whether someone has a healthy attachment, or he/she might be considered clingy.

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How often do you surprise your partner with unexpected visits or calls?
Do you often seek reassurance about your relationship from your partner?
Do you feel anxious when your partner spends time with friends without you?
How do you feel about your partner having close friends of the opposite gender?
How often do you express concern about your partner's plans without you?
How do you react when your partner doesn't reply to your message immediately?
Do you prefer spending most of your free time with your partner?
How do you react when your partner makes plans without consulting you?
How often do you check your partner's messages when they're not around?
How often do you initiate contact with your partner during the day?
Do you feel the need to know every detail about your partner's day?
How do you handle your partner spending time with their family without you?
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