Quiz: Do I Still Love Him?

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Quiz: Do I Still Love Him?

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Do you constantly think back on your past with him? Trying to find out if you still love him or not? If that’s the case then we have a perfect quiz for you. We all know how hard it is to end a relationship sometimes and in some cases we just can’t seem to get over someone. No matter why the two of you broke up, if you are still feeling low and uncertain about getting back together with him, this quiz would be ideal for you. Go ahead, take the quiz now.

Let's Start this Quiz
Are you alone? Are you always thinking about him?
How do you feel when you see him with another person?
Do you catch yourself talking about him uncontrollably?
Do you ask people about him?
Do you check his social media often?
Do you still dream of being together?
Do you feel excited when he is around?
Do you feel like you can’t move on? Is finding another partner unappealing or scary?
What would you do if he found a new partner, and how would you feel?
Do you want a partner like him?
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