Quiz: Should I Accept His Proposal?

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Quiz: Should I Accept His Proposal?

Should I Accept His Proposal Quiz, Should I say "Yes" to him?, Should I Propose or Is It Too Soon?, Should You Propose

Do you think you are ready for a relationship? If you’re unsure and constantly thinking, “Should I accept his proposal,” this quiz will help you know. I understand that sometimes, we aren’t capable of making decisions. But it’s critical to take our time and not rush things. This is one of those moments, so keep that in mind. Be honest with your answers, and we’ll analyze if you’re ready to say yes or need some more time.

Let's Start this Quiz
Is he ready to accept your strengths and flaws?
Are you all best friends?
How often do you think about a future with him?
How often are you guys together?
Are you ready to settle down with him?
Do the two of you share a strong bond of trust and respect?
How often does he show unconditional love?
Do you guys share both happy and sad moments?
How often do you feel special when you’re with him?
Are you okay being around his friends and family?
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