Raashi Khanna Quiz: An Indian Actress

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  • Last Updated: 23 Jul, 2022
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Raashi Khanna Quiz: An Indian Actress

Raashi Khanna was born in 1990. She is an actress and playback singer from India who primarily appears in Tamil and Telugu films. She played her first prominent part in the Telugu movie OohaluGusagusalade after making her acting debut in a supporting role in the 2013 Hindi film Madras Cafe. Since then, she has appeared in the Tamil film ImaikkaaNodigal and Malayalam film Villain. Let’s play the quiz based on Raashi Khanna.

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In what Malayalam film did Raashi Khanna debut?
Raashi Khanna won the Zee Telugu Apsara Award for which of the following films?
What is the name of Raashi Khanna's Telugu debut movie?
Where was Raashi Khanna born?
When was Raashi Khanna born?
What is the name of Raashi Khanna's Tamil debut film?
Who was Raashi Khanna's first co-star in a Hindi film?
Raashi Khanna made her Hindi film debut with which film?
What year did Raashi Khanna begin her career?
What movie did Raashi Khanna appear in a special appearance?