Racism Test Quiz: Do I believe in Discrimination?

By Catherine Wales
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Racism is big issue these days. Do you want to evaluate intricate nature of racial and ethnic hatred by uncovering both explicit or implicit favoritism that could affect?Show More

You can play this racism quiz. Confronting thorny issues and looking at uncomfortable truths will make you conscious of what you believe in regard to diversity as well as inclusion. 
So go ahead, dig into the heart of racism and discrimination. Find if you believe in racism or you are against this. It can be a hard truth but the fact is fact. 
Disclaimer: This quiz is not intended to hurt anyone’s emotions. This quiz is just for fun.

Have you ever questioned your own biases or prejudices regarding race?

Have you ever witnessed racial discrimination and remained silent?

Do you actively advocate for racial equality and inclusion?

Have you ever made racially insensitive remarks or jokes?

Do you support policies or practices that disadvantage certain racial groups?

Do you feel uncomfortable or threatened by people of different races?

Have you ever actively worked to address racial inequality or injustice?

Do you believe that racial discrimination is a significant issue in society?

What is your opinion about certain races as inherently inferior?

Have you ever done racism on the basis of their race?

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